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We have all faced the same problems with Disc Golf Shoes!

For years, disc golfers have been faced with the same issues when it comes to footwear. High prices, poor durability, and a lack of multi-round comfort have caused us to try dozens of different shoes on our quest for the best!

Who wants to spend $100+ on shoes that wear out after a dozen rounds? See what many pros and amateurs alike are experiencing with a shoe that performs on the course and is comfortable enough to wear off the course!

DiscShoe.com is offering an amazing trail shoe so good, you would think it was designed specifically for disc golf. The shoes feature unparalleled grip, a heel pad perfect for rotation, a tapered sole plate to provide stability, and a high quality breathable upper ... all at a price you can't pass up.

We love them and are confident you will too!

Get a Grip!

If you don't have to worry about slipping, you can plant confidently allowing you to trigger harder and put more power into every swing! The DGS-1 features a sturdy rubber soleplate designed to put up with the twist and impact imposed by your most agressive throwers while handling the terrain of the most extreme courses.

Stop Slipping!

True To Size

A shoe that runs true! Buy your size and you won't be disappointed! Over 95% sizing accuracy!

Find My Size!

Comfort Matches Performance!

This shoe combines the performance of a high quality trail shoe with the comfort of a daily casual shoe! You will likely buy it to throw in and find yourself grabbing it to go the gym or walk the amusement park!

Cradle Me!

Stay Cool!

The sporty upper features a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool without sacrificing durability. The DGS-1 has reinforced drag points to increase longevity and protect your feet!

Cool Down!

Recognizing The Next Big Thing!

We would like to wish the members of Team DiscShoe.Com the best of luck this upcoming season!

  • David Vincent - PDGA# 24099

    I have been playing Disc Golf for over 25 years. This shoe has, by far, the best grip of all the shoes I have tried on any surface! It has a stable base so I feel comfortable planting on uneven terrain and I can put more into every shot!

  • Chambo Chamberlain- PDGA# 102633

    After trying more than 20 pairs of shoes for Disc Golf, I was recommended to try the Avia's by a fellow professional. I didn't think there would be a huge difference over other shoes but there is! This is my new disc golf shoe!

  • Jake Brown - PDGA# 140954

    I love this shoe to play in! I tried it during a couple practice rounds for Waco and could not believe the grip and comfort. I feel more focused on shots when I don't have to worry about my footing! I am a huge fan!

  • Daniel Spotswood PDGA# 119128

    At my home courses in Oregon, wet slippery tee boxes are a chronic problem ... for other players. With my Avia's, I have better grip on any surface than my competitors or friends! Better grip means better shots!